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Welcome to the Entrepreneurial League System ®

The Entrepreneurial League System® is a methodical process for mastering the entrepreneurial skills needed to build successful companies. Entrepreneurs grow their businesses by developing their skill. Like the farm system in sports, we organize individual entrepreneurs into teams according to their skill in creating or growing a business – Rookies, A, AA, AAA or Major Leaguer. Entrepreneurs work intensively with coaches in one-on-one sessions, team meetings with their peers and large groups of entrepreneurs from other skill levels.

This system has been developed and tested with more than 400 entrepreneurs in a wide variety of circumstances over the last 15 years.

We have conclusively demonstrated that:

  1. Differences in the skill levels of entrepreneurs are real (and that we can accurately assess them). These differences translate into performance as well as financial increases of 2 – 10X at each higher level.
  2. We can successfully coach entrepreneurs to move from one skill level to another. When this happens, results of this nature are produced.

We are now implementing this system in a coaching business known as EntreLeague. To learn more, visit us at www.entreleague.com.

A description of our approach can be found in our new book Investing in Entrepreneurs.

For additional information about our approach and the outcomes generated by the Entrepreneurial League System® as well as a complete list of publiciations, visit: www.pipelineofentrepreneurs.com.

For further information, contact us at: gregg@entreleaguesystem.com.

Entrepreneuerial League System
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Welcome to the Entrepreneurial League System ®